We accept only the best dental billers in the country

At eAssist, we test and verify the capabilities of every dental billing independent contractor — Success Consultant — who wants to provide services for dental office clients. We are truly looking for the best of the best! We accept only about 20% of those contractors who express interest to join or our platform. So if you're confident you're a dental billing rockstar, please scroll down to learn more!



Are you looking to be part of an achievement-driven and drama-free team working through the nation's leading network and platform for outsourced dental business services?

Here’s the kind of person who will be amazing as a dental business services contractor utilizing the eAssist platform:

You have a minimum of 2 years accumulative dental insurance billing experience (you’re proficient in dental claim submission, insurance payment posting, contractual adjustment posting and appealing claims), preferably within the last 12 months.
You’re proficient in at least one dental practice management software and you have a dedicated PC or Mac with high-speed internet.
We test for grammar and strong communication skills, so you can demonstrate your ability to communicate in both written and verbal form (and not just list “proven communication skills” on your resume).
You constantly look for new and different ways to do things and you push yourself to learn something new every day. You don't shy away from change and growth, rather welcome them as opportunities.
Doing great work brings you satisfaction, even if it’s not publicly recognized, and you truly want to work hard.
If easy goals appeal to you, you probably won’t be happy working with eAssist.
You’re self-motivated and excellent at managing your time as an independent contractor, while being a team player in working with other contractors and coaches.
You can pass a background test.


Contractor application & vetting

At eAssist, we test and verify the capabilities of every independent contractor through application, testing, and vetting to confirm each person invited to our platform meets our requirements to be considered by offices that use our platform and are in need of a dental billing expert.

Seeking your dental practice perfect fit

We have 2,000+ active dental practices who use our platform and are in the eAssist network, and 100 more joining each month. These dental practices are looking for their “perfect fit” dental billing contractor to help them collect 100% of what they are rightfully owed.

Match made in digital heaven

Our matching algorithm and team of specialists will review your contractor application, skills and expertise and connect you with a dental practice that is seeking a dental billing expert like you. It’s like a match-making service for dental billing contractors... without any awkward blind dates!

Stellar customer service

To ensure all offices and contractors are pleased with their results and relationship, eAssist will conduct regular reviews for service satisfaction and provide feedback as needed to support the contractors and offices on our platform.


We are always looking for qualified, talented and entreprenuerial contractors that want to build their businesses with our platform. The tools and support we provide help create opportunities for dental office team members from across the country to enjoy flexible, work-from-home opportunites providing dental billing, patient billing, insurance verification, and other services. Click the button below to see a full list of current contractor openings.


After the initial application, what are the onboarding steps with eAssist?

Our 10-Step Applicant Experience

  1. Application
  2. Knowledge Assessment
  3. NDA, HIPAA, Background
  4. Recorded Interview Questions
  5. Vetting Modules
  6. Attend Virtual Culture Course
  7. IT Classroom & Forms
  8. Attend Virtual Workship
  9. Sign Your User eAgreement
  10. You’ve Made It!


What are the specific hardware and software requirements
Why do I need to set up a business to do dental billing, and why can’t I just use my SSN?

You’ll be joining eAssist as an independent contractor. This means you will receive a 1099 for your commissions at the end of the year rather than a W2. You can start by simply obtaining an EIN, and can also get set up as an LLC or S Corp. We HIGHLY recommend talking to a CPA that can help you understand the tax benefits of each of these in your specific state. eAssist does require that you have a number other than your SSN, and your tax professional will thank you for keeping your business separate too! Here is a link with more information about setting up your business:


What are the required work hours?

One of the perks of being an independent contractor is the freedom & flexibility to set your own schedule. eAssist has some specific Brand Promises that we make to the offices we serve. You may be able to meet those brand promises for an office working eight hours a week, or eight hours a day. You may prefer working early in the morning, or later in the evening. As long as you’re meeting the Brand Promises, and communicating regularly with your team, you decide when you work! There are a few outliers including Patient Billing and Full Schedule that do require you to have some specific “business hour” availability to contact patients.

How and when will I get compensated for my work with eAssist?

The offices we serve are billed according to their monthly insurance collections. Because of this, we are compensated in arrears. So, the insurance collected in January is billed & compensated in February, and so on. Our pay dates are the 15th and last day of each month. Here is an example as well as a link explaining in more detail about how our dental billing Success Consultants are paid:

  • Office total monthly insurance collections: $65,000
  • They are invoiced 3.5% ($1,365) 
  • 60% to SC team ($1,545) 
  • 40% to eAssist 
  • Your split (If 50/50) $682.50 
  • You get paid $250 on the 15th of the following month & $432.50 on the last day 


And then this below is a great resource that includes info about how our Patient Billing and Insurance Verification Success Consultants are paid.


What if I want to take time off or a vacation?

You’ll want to make sure that you communicate your plans with your teammate and Team Leader in advance. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that your client opportunities are taken care of, that being said, there are several ways to see to this. One option is to take work with you. Many eAssisters love to travel and as long as you have access to reliable internet; load up that laptop and hit the road! You can also “take turns” with your teammate; you cover them for a few days for their vacation, and they’ll cover you for a few days. You can also find another trusted eAssister that you can have added to your office for a specified time to complete your responsibilities. Zulip is a great place to ask about this. You would pay them an agreed upon amount out of your own pocket. eAssist cannot offer any assistance in finding coverage for you. The flexibility of these choices is another perk of owning your own business! 

What is the timeframe to be offered your first office opportunity after completing the onboarding process?

There are many variables to consider. Software knowledge, for example. If you are proficient in a software that eAssist is currently lacking available contractors for – you may even be contacted while you’re still in the vetting process to be encouraged to finish ASAP for an office that needs your expertise. On the other hand, if your only experience is with a software that we don’t have any offices currently onboarding with, you may experience a longer wait. In addition to software experience — your own preference can dictate how soon you accept your first opportunity. That’s right, you don’t have to accept the first opportunity that is offered to you. At eAssist, we truly want you to be successful, so we ask a lot of questions on the Client Opportunity Request (COR) form about your preferences: Do you prefer posting, or aging? A small-medium office, or a large office? Are you comfortable working with DSOs or Medicaid? All of these things and more are factored into you accepting that first assignment. Some great advice to getting your name out there is to be active on Zulip, our Talent Placement Specialists and Team Leaders are looking there every day!

Can I start eAssist a few hours a week, or do I need to quit my full-time job?

Many of us still work(ed) our jobs in-office. We have found it takes about that long to understand the ‘eAssist way” of working remote dental billing for an office, as well as the ins and outs of reporting and communications. As long as Brand Promises are being met, and your office and teams are happy and content with your work, you can begin building your business one office at a time after that! Some eAssisters work one or two client opportunities with eAssist and also work in a physical office, some decide to take the leap to fully engaged with eAssist after four or five offices, that decision, and number of clients you serve is completely up to you. 

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