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Work Life Balance in Dental Billing Jobs

Are you looking for a career in dental billing but are concerned about being able to make time for your growing family? Or are you switching careers because you are looking for a job that offers a work life balance that suits your adventurous lifestyle? At eAssist, all dental billing jobs are completely remote. This means the dental billing specialists who use our platform have complete control over their schedules as well as their workload (and so much more!). This enables them to make time for the things that matter most to them. Keep reading to see a few tips on managing your work life balance. We’ll also highlight some of the work-life balance benefits available through eAssist.

Tips To Balance Your Personal and Work Life

Setting Blocks on Your Calendar For Work and Breaks

If you are someone that runs off of your calendar, then setting dedicated blocks of time on your calendar will really help you unplug when you need it most. We have found that setting these blocks of time not only helps others know when you are available to chat, but it also helps you make sure you are dedicating that time to your office to support them. On the other hand, having dedicated blocks of time on your calendar for breaks or personal time in your day really helps you unplug. Co-workers will see that you are unavailable and not disturb you (unless it’s urgent), making it much easier to mentally unplug and detach yourself from work. These breaks can be throughout your day for lunch, a walk around your neighborhood, or just to go grab a coffee from your favorite cafe! Having set blocks of time throughout the day on your calendar truly allows you to dedicate time not only to your office, but to yourself and your personal time as well!

Muting Notifications When You’re Offline 

Another great tip that goes hand in hand with the first tip, is to mute your notification settings when you’re “off” or have a separate phone completely dedicated to work. You can follow the first tip and set on your calendar that you are off, but going that extra step of muting notifications is so important to helping you maintain a healthy personal life. This is particularly helpful for those hours outside of your work for the day, not necessarily when you take breaks during your work day. This way you are able to go to happy hour with friends or share dinner time with your family. 

How eAssist Supports a Healthy Work Life Balance

Remote work

Here at eAssist, all of the dental billing specialists who use our platform have the incredible opportunity to be fully remote and work anywhere in the country! You can work a normal day in your home office, at your local coffee shop, or in the log cabin you’re staying in on vacation! As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can work essentially from anywhere. This is an incredible perk to balance both work and personal life allowing you to still do the things you want in life, while supporting your different offices. 

No commute

Because all dental billing job positions on our platform are completely remote, this provides one of the best perks ever: NO COMMUTE! Your commute in the morning is essentially getting up out of bed and going to your home office. And when you are done for the day, just close your office door and you are done. Without a commute, you will be putting more money back in your pocket with gas savings. You will also have more time back in your day by avoiding sitting in traffic with everyone else on their way home from work.  

Set your own hours

One of our favorite ways to support a healthy work life balance is the freedom to set your own hours and make your own schedule. eAssist has some specific Brand Promises that we make to the offices we serve. You may be able to meet those brand promises for an office working eight hours a week, or eight hours a day. You may prefer working early in the morning, or later in the evening. As long as you’re meeting the Brand Promises, and communicating regularly with your team, you decide when you work! This allows you to make sure you’re not only dedicating the time to your respective offices, but also dedicating time in your day for yourself. 

More time spent with your family, friends, and loved ones

One of the most important things in life is your loved ones. As the previous point stated, as long as you’re meeting the Brand Promises and communicating regularly with your team, you  have the ability to create a schedule that allows you to focus more time on those you love the most. You can be there for that birthday, or that special life event without worrying about missing work.

Bottom line, you are in control! 

If it isn’t completely apparent by now, we hope you see that you are in control when you work a dental billing job through the eAssist platform. YOU set your own hours and YOU choose your workload. This sets the stage for a seamless work life balance. You can have a growing family and a thriving career. You can go on that vacation while still supporting your offices. You can enjoy time in your day both for personal time and work. All you have to do is put in the work, and the sky’s the limit! 

When you have a balance of work and family life, you are more likely to shoot for the stars and bring the best version of you to work. Here at eAssist, we want to help you get the best of both worlds. This means spending time doing the things that mean the most to you and achieving greatness in your career. If you’re looking to be the best version of yourself both personally and professionally, we would love to start a conversation with you today! Click here to start your dental billing job application today.

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