We accept only the best dental billers in the country

At eAssist, we test and verify the capabilities of every dental biller — Success Consultant — who wants to provide services for our dental office clients. We are truly looking for the best of the best! We accept only about 20% of those who express interest to work for us. So if you're confident you're a dental billing rockstar, please scroll down to learn more!


Orthodontic Billing Success Consultant

Work From Home


Overview of an eAssist Success Consultant:

eAssist Success Consultants provide Dental Billing, Insurance Verification, Patient Billing and other services for dental office clients, conveniently from their own home offices.  This incredibly valuable role creates relationships with eAssist clients, provides them with Peace of Mind, and allows the office team to focus on other tasks while we take care of their billing and other needs behind the scenes.  Whether you still work in a dental office or if you want to jump into eAssist fully engaged, we have opportunities that fit with your life!   


Orthodontic Success Consultant Opportunity Details:

Orthodontic Success Consultants are part of a team that is responsible for meeting our Brand Promises of:  

  • collecting 100% of what is rightfully owed
  • submitting clean claims within 24 hours of being batched
  • posting payments accurately within 24 hours along with proper adjustments
  • following up on aged claims over 30 days every 14 days
  • getting the over 90 insurance aging to zero and keeping it there.  

Once you receive your first opportunity, you will be teamed up with an experienced Lead Success Consultant and a Team Leader.  They will help you navigate the needs of your first eAssist client and help you create processes in order to fulfill our Brand Promises. 


  • Have at least 2 years of dedicated experience working with an orthodontist; most recently in the last 12 months preferred
  • Have a dedicated work space, reliable computer meeting our IT requirements, printer and high speed internet
  • Know how to accurately post payments and adjustments
  • Understand what it takes to help offices collect 100% of what is rightfully owed
  • Love the challenge of persistently working with insurance claims
  • Are self directed, know how to effectively set goals, and work independently


Ideal Candidate:  

Have you ever worked for a specialty orthodontist before? If you love working with orthodontic practices, and understand the specific nuances that come with these specialty claims and getting them paid, we are looking for you to join the eAssist team!


Our success consultants who specialize in orthodontics have a strong grasp of what it takes to get orthodontic claims paid. If you are an expert in orthodontic claims billing, enjoy working diligently to get these claims paid timely, and have a strong desire to be your own boss, this may be the perfect opportunity for you.


Our Success Consultants enjoy the following opportunities:  

  • Work-from-home flexibility & independence
  • Ability to participate in Harvard Business Studies and webinars from industry leaders 
  • Access to a wealth of knowledgeable coaches and mentors
  • Fun contests!
  • Networking with others that understand your daily reality
  • Freedom from the dental office drama & politics
  • Opportunity to make more money than before


What’s Next?

We only have room to hire positive professionals who are looking to make a difference for dental practices without the boundaries of a traditional office setting.  If our message resonates with you, and you innately possess a proactive, positive, win-win attitude, then please start your application. Fair warning: our exams are tough, but this is because we know that you would only want stellar teammates as well and remember that the tests were created by a dentist!

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