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What Makes YOU a Dental Billing Expert?

by Heather Evans EFDA, RDH


At eAssist, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of service as dental billing experts.  Our goal is to help our offices with all of the behind-the-scenes tasks necessary to collect the monies they are owed from both billing the insurance companies and the patients in the practice.  How do we become dental billing experts, and continue to provide this high-quality service as things are constantly changing in dentistry?

Understand the office

It is important to understand how each office you are helping manages their accounts.  Every office does things a little differently than the next, and each team member brings something to the table.  Learn from the front office staff how they managed things before eAssist joined their team, and make suggestions to improve their systems.  You may learn something new, while also helping them help you!  

What makes you a dental billing expert?

Create something new

Although there may be systems in place that appear to be working for an office, there may be a better way to get things done (or organized).  Do not limit yourself to “what has always been done.”  Challenge yourself to create new systems that might work better for that office.  A motto that I overheard a dentist once use with a patient was “This can’t hurt, but might help!”  Even if a system you implement doesn’t end up working out better, it is always worth trying if it seems like it could make a difference.  You can always go back to the way things were done before; however, try something new and see what happens!

Challenge yourself

I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.” — Socrates.  

As an expert in your career field, you have to grow with the field.  Continuing education will keep you up to date on changes occurring in dentistry.  Go a step further and challenge yourself!  If you don’t know something or you are only proficient in certain aspects of your position, take the time to learn.  You may be surprised by what you don’t know, and no matter what – you WILL learn something you didn’t know before!

About the Author

Heather Evans
Heather started her career in dentistry 17 years ago as a dental assistant and chose to further her education becoming an Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary and Dental Hygienist while learning and implementing dental billing along the way.  She manifested leaving private practice to work from home- but didn’t want to leave dentistry- as the profession means so much to her.  She now works from home as a Success Consultant for eAssist, and is living her dream, working with an amazing group of people virtually!

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