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Are you looking for a dental billing job?

If you’ve thought about dental billing as a career, there’s no better time to get serious about finding a dental billing job that fits your needs. You may have questions about the level of experience needed, which dental billing job is right for you, and much more. In this article, we answer all of those questions so you can start your dental billing career successfully. 

Do you need to know dental codes to have a dental billing job?

Maybe you don’t have any coding experience at all, or maybe you only have experience with medical codes. Does that help or hinder you in pursuing a dental billing job? The main difference between medical coding and dental coding is the types of processing codes that are used on insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOBs). In medical, these are known as Current Procedural Terminology (CPT). In the dental space, they are Current Dental Terminology (CDT). 

To be successful in a dental billing job, it is recommended that you have a basic knowledge of relevant dental procedures and codes, and any cross-coding knowledge for medical claims is a plus. You can learn the dental codes and terminology from trusted resources, or by taking continuing education courses.

How much experience does a dental billing job require?

The experience needed to start your dental billing career depends on the dental billing job that you are aspiring to obtain. Some dental offices will hire for office culture, knowing that dental billing processes can be taught. Most will want some basic knowledge of dental billing processes. Nearly all of the remote dental billing jobs from home — keep reading for more information — will also want a certain level of knowledge in order to serve dental practices most efficiently. 

The great news is that you can learn the necessary information and skills on your own time, and from home! Dental Zing, an on-demand dental continuing education platform, has courses available for intermediate and advanced dental billers. Visit to see them all.

Are there dental billing jobs from home?

The short answer: yes. Following in the steps of medical billing, remote dental billing is becoming increasingly popular. Dental practices can outsource dental billing processes to knowledgeable team members, allowing them to hire for office culture and patient experience. 

So what does a remote dental billing job from home entail? It is serving dental practice clients with posting payments, following up on insurance claims, sending claims, verifying insurance coverage, and more by connecting with the office computer remotely. Outsourcing dental billing clients require highly skilled dental office managers that can consult with client offices about their collection issues, post all patient EOBs properly to patient ledgers, read radiographs, direct staff, appeal denied dental claims, and manage the client’s insurance accounts receivables. 

eAssist is the nation’s leading dental billing platform. We exist for two reasons: 1) to help our clients enjoy the practice of dentistry by helping them streamline their dental billing processes to be more profitable and 2) to provide a meaningful career path, and the freedom to work from home, for dental billing experts. 

If you meet these requirements, you would be an amazing remote dental billing professional!

  • You have a minimum of 2 years of accumulative dental insurance billing experience (you’re proficient in dental claim submission, insurance payment posting, contractual adjustment posting, and appealing claims), and can show this experience is within the last 12 months).
  • You’re proficient in dental practice management software and you have a dedicated PC or Mac with high-speed internet.
  • We test for grammar and strong communication skills, so you can demonstrate your ability to communicate in both written and verbal form (and not just list “proven communication skills” on your resume).
  • You constantly look for new and different ways to do things and you push yourself to learn something new every day. 
  • Doing great work brings you satisfaction, even if it’s not publicly recognized, and you truly want to work hard.
  • You’re self-motivated and excellent at managing your time as an Independent Contractor while being a team player in working with other contractors and coaches.
  • You can pass a background test.

The dental billing job you deserve

eAssist is always looking to add dental billing experts to our family. We are looking for passionate and positive-minded independent contractors who love serving others, doing the right thing, and doing all of that from the comfort of their home. 

eAssist was recognized as a Great Place to Work® in October 2020, and again in October 2021. Come join us in delivering peace of mind to dentists across the country. Apply today!


If this sounds like your dream dental billing job, but you don’t have the experience needed, follow Become a Biller on Instagram for resources to help you get started as a dental biller!

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