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You Can Have a Remote Dental Billing Career and Raise Your kids!

That’s right. You really can have a remote dental billing career while taking care of your kids. Most online dental billing jobs will flatter you with their work from home options. But what is the reality like? Is the work fulfilling? Do you actually have time to manage your day on your own terms? Even more, are you actually able to use the skills you’ve acquired through years in a dental office? The remote dental billing dream is within reach. Start off by thinking about the answers to these questions:

• Don’t want to miss and candid family moments with your little ones?
• Not looking forward to your commute each morning?
• Do you feel like you could better manage your time on your own each day?

Are you ready for a remote dental billing career?

If you’ve always been a team player, or a manager, or simply just know the ropes better than anyone else, it makes sense that you’d want to find something that works better for your schedule and for your kids. You already have a lot on your plate (and if you’re a 5-year-old, sometimes quite literally), work shouldn’t be the thing that gets in the way of your lifestyle. It should be the thing that allows you the lifestyle you want.

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The benefits of a remote dental billing career

The biggest benefit of any remote dental billing career is being able to manage your life your way. You can finally schedule your work around your life, instead of vice versa. This freedom is one of the best things you can give to your children as well. When you have little ones, they always want more time with their parents. Plus, what better way to show them good habits than by being able to manage your work and your home…from your home? Now, let’s talk about what dental billing and coding jobs from home could look like for you:

• Imagine if you could meal prep, pack lunches, and plan dinners during the normal workday
• Think about not being tired at the end of the day from endless rushing on top of having to take care of the kids
• Visualize a supportive platform with like-minded dental billers just like you

Getting started with remote dental billing

First, you’ll need to cross a few “T”s and dot a few “I”s. How can you know that a remote dental billing career is right for you? Of course, you’ve probably spent a few years in a dental office, whether as an employee or managerial staff. What does your experience look like?

• Have you been a manager over multiple people or teams within a dental office?
• Do you have practical experience with coding procedures, narratives, and patient billing?
• Are you fulfilled by figuring out why a claim is denied or rejected and revel in rectifying it so the office is finally paid?

If your answer to these questions is a resounding “yes”, you should feel proud of your office experience. The business of dentistry is never easy, and sometimes it takes learning at the school of hard knocks to get things done. With this kind of experience, you can bet on being able to find a fulfilling remote dental billing career.

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Find your dental billing magic on the nation’s leading platform

This is all possible on the eAssist Dental Solutions platform. As a bespoke suite of revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions, eAssist is the nation’s leader in remote dental billing jobs. Whether you have experience in accounting, patient AR management, or insurance verification, eAssist has a spot for you. Plus, the platform has industry-leading partnerships with Practice Booster and Dental Zing, where you can find the latest CDT codes as well as continuing education that helps you do your job better.

You’re asking the question “How can I have a dental career and work from home?” today. You can help achieve that career by getting in touch with the eAssist platform and make it a reality tomorrow. There is no obligation to learn more about how the platform works, and no matter what your in-office skills are, there’s a good chance they can be utilized in the RCM solutions suite. If you’ve been waiting to kickstart your remote dental billing career, there’s no better time than right now.

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