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How to Transition from In-House to Remote Dental Billing

After years of working in a dental office, you’ve finally got that remote billing job you’ve always wanted. No more commuting, no more business casual wardrobe, no more brown bagging your lunch…it’s like a dream come true. But it’s also a little scary because it’s all so new. There’s no need to worry, after a bit of a learning curve, you’ll be fine. To help you along, here are some tips on how to transition from in-house to remote dental billing


When working from home, it’s best to set up a designated workspace. A home office would be best, but a quiet corner of a room will suffice. You’ll want a desk and an ergonomic chair, even if your equipment consists solely of a laptop because, although you’re home, you’ll still be putting in hours of work and will need to be comfortable. Make sure there’s an outlet nearby for your electronics and outfit it with what you need like paper, pens, a bulletin board, houseplants, and even the odd tchotchke. Make yourself a comfortable, inviting place that helps you transition from off hours to work hours. 


The key to working from home is fast, reliable wifi. Some companies have specific standards you need to meet so make sure your internet connection is up to par. Make any necessary upgrades ahead of time so you’re good to go on your first day. You may want to test it out ahead of time, especially if you’ll be teleconferencing. A good connection is key to getting work done. 


Remember the ergonomic chair? Comfort extends well beyond that. When in an office, we tend to take it for granted, but at home, we’re responsible for keeping ourselves comfortable and free from injury and strain. Make sure your desk and computer screens are at a comfortable and appropriate height, your seat is well cushioned and offers the proper amount of support, and that you have all the necessary extras, like keyboard and wrist rests, to keep you comfortable throughout the day. 

How to Transition from In-House to Remote Dental Billing


When working from home, your schedule may vary depending on your employer. If you have a set schedule, you simply need to adhere to it, but if your hours are flexible, try to set one for yourself. Keeping a schedule helps ensure that you’re staying on top of your daily tasks. Of course, one of the benefits of working from home is being able to work around doctors’ appointments and school pick-ups, but it’s good to keep a certain amount of structure. Not only does it help you stay focused, but it also helps your coworkers know when you’re available to them. 


Like your schedule, this one’s also flexible. Looks like it’s time for sweatpants and pjs…or not. If your employer is fine with it and you’re not on camera, go right ahead. But, often, a big part of working from home is teleconferencing which will require you to be presentable. You don’t need to dress to the nines but you’ll want to be neat and clean so always make sure your hair is brushed and your clothes are clean and presentable. 


Speaking of teleconferencing, you’ll want to be aware of the noise levels in your house. Not only can it be distracting for you but it can also distract your co-workers. I know this isn’t always easy, especially if you have pets, or kids or live in an urban area, but try to minimize it as much as possible. Try to schedule meetings and appointments during school hours and quiet time and, remember, the mute button is your friend. Don’t forget to use it. Unless you’re the one speaking, it’s best to be in the habit of keeping it on at all times. This way, your kids could be crying, your dog could be barking and police cars could be zooming by but your co-workers will never know it. 

As you can, there are some things to keep in mind when moving from in-house to remote billing but they can all be easily maintained. Before you know it, you’ll be totally at ease and wonder why you didn’t work from home sooner. If you’re still contemplating the transition, why not apply at eAssist? We’re always looking for experienced billers to join us as Success Consultants.

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